Document Scanner Software for PC Free Download

document scanner software for PC free download

Looking for a free scanner software but didn't find the best one for your need, then don't worry, in this article, we will tell you the best scandie document scanner software for PC and the list of scanner software available for free download. Read on

Table of Content

1. Document Scanner Software for PC Free Download 

2. What is the Best Free Scanning Software?

3. Why Scandie  Scanning Software

4. How to Download Scandie Scanner Software

5. List of Document Scanner Software for PC Free Download

What is the Best Free Scanning Software?

Scanner software plays a very important role in business especially to erase the high burden of paperwork.  The organization has full of paper works and it needs more effort and time to organize them. But, it used to happen decades ago, now people have grown up like technology. The most organization has started using Scanning software for all of their work in order to save time and effort of the employees. Scanning software is available on various platforms and different types of scanning software you may be found, some of them are paid and free as well.  Whether you use free scanning software or paid doesn’t matter, the matter is your requirement should be fulfilled. So, choosing free or paid scanning software is highly dependent on your needs. 

Free scanning software can also be the right pick for your business and home users as well. But, how do you choose the best free scanning software for you?  Don’t worry, it is quite simple. You just need to set your requirement and on the basis of this, analyze the scanning software and choose the software that stands out for your needs. 

Before you dive into free scanning software, make sure you get the right software from the right source. Hackers are always head to attack and they just need that one click and hackers –In. So, whenever you download any scanning software make sure you download it from the official store like Google Play Store. Downloading scanner software from unknown or risky sources can lose all the data.

Why Scandie Scanning Software

Scandie launched by Waredot is one of the best free scanning software. You can find the various alternatives of scanner software online, but Scandie stands out best among them because it is just not a scanner; Scandie is more than a scanner and it makes it different from others.  It just not makes your world paperless, but it also solves your other problems while scanning printing both. Scandie comes with multiple features that help for performing different functions such as quick scanning printing, merging documents, easy sharing, quick accessing files, and preservation. Scandie comes with a free 30-day free trial facility and its paid version is also pocket-friendly. Download Now Scandie and get a 30-day free trial.

Use Scandie printer scanner software and get the best editing features at a very sweet price. With Scandie, you can preview your document after scanning, and immediately if you want you can make the editing in the scanned document. That’s how Scandie makes your editing on the scanned document easier and simple.

Scandie Features 

Create, edit, print, scan, merge, share, convert, store

Supported multiple document format

Easy sharing on mail

Compatible to Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and XP


Share scanned document

Preview scanned document before processing

Keep record of printer history

Easily import and clean

How to Download Scandie Scanner Software

Scandie is the best free document scanning software for home and business users. You don’t need to worry about its features and reliability. If you’re looking for the best document scanner software for free at minimal cost, trust me this would be the perfect scanning software. It’s completely easy to download Scandie, and still, if you feel any difficulty, you can read the manual on the official website or follow the below steps to download and install the Scandie scanning software on pc

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To download, install and activate Scandie on your pc, just follow these simple steps.

1. Visit Waredot website or click on the link to download the Scandie software. Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to Waredot’s Scandie software page. On the following page, select Subscribe Now and after all the mentioned information your download will start automatically. 

Note: You can also choose a 30-day free trial by clicking on the download free trial button.

2. Once the software is downloaded on your pc, find the software in the download section and double click on it. Alternatively, right-click on the exe.File and Run as Administrator. 

How to Download Scandie Scanner Software

3. Once the installation done, opens Scandie and activates it by entering the Activation key. You will receive an activation key through an order confirmation email. 

As soon as you activate it, you are free to use its smart features for scanning tasks efficiently. 

List of Document Scanner Software for PC Free Download

The Internet has full of document scanner software for Windows, Mac and you can choose any of them, but some of them, particularly the free ones, may cause you problems.  

At Waredot, we are constantly concerned about your safety, which is why we have compiled a list of document scanner software for your computer. All of the software on this list is available in both free and paid versions; you may select according to your needs, but make sure to download free scanning software from the official website or Google Play Store only, because your security is in your hands. 

The best free document scanning software for retrieving, sharing & capturing scanned files are:


Windows Scan

Adobe Acrobat DC

Office Lens



PaperScan Software



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Final Words

Hey guys! This was the guide about “document scanner software for PC free download.” There's nothing wrong with downloading free scanner software; in fact, it all depends on the user's needs. . If you don’t need scanning software for a constant work, then don’t waste your money to get the subscription. Find the best free scanning software and download it from a trusted source and complete your task quickly. For the final touch, Scandie is a unique and smart feature scanning software and it’s available for a 30-day free trial, so if you’re looking for something free yet effective, then give it one try.


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